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The following is my personal story of the power and effectiveness of Cartigel®.

My name is Ted and I am an avid sport fencer; a martial art that involves a high degree of skill with a sword called an epee. I fence not only for enjoyment, but also to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I began fencing 12 years ago and am nearly 65.

In 2008, I qualified for the USA World Team Veteran-60 Men’s Epee competition. Participation requires a tremendous amount of practice and dedication. A year earlier, I started to get some pain in my left knee. Facing the possibility of not being able to participate in the world cup.

Around this time, I was introduced to a substance called Collagen hydrolysate; a derivative of gelatin. I started taking this collagen peptide every morning, dissolved in fruit juice or tea. After one month I noticed increased mobility and less pain during my fencing club practices. A few weeks later, I was able to remove my knee brace and exercise normally.
I traveled to the Veteran World Cup in October 2008 and performed well, with no pain. Since this formula helped restore my joints, I shared it with my teammates. It was so effective and their results were so positive that they constantly ask me for more.

Vocationally, I am product developer in the food industry, a senior food technologist The collagen hydrolysate I had taken was so efficient that I began working on an extended formula to bring relief to people experiencing chronic joint problems and help them to stay active.

After three years of development and testing, the result is CARTIGEL®.

Other Cartigel® stories
Kaz Campe

“I have enjoyed the sport of fencing for over 40 years and do not wish to quit any time soon. Two years ago, when my knee joints began to stiffen and limit my mobility, I started to take Cartigel on a daily basis. Gradually, my knee pains diminished to where I can fence for prolonged periods without feeling undue discomfort in my knees.”

Kaz Campe1998 Veterans Epee World Champion

“I have been consistently using Cartigel for 2 months now. My knees and hips are feeling better than ever. I’m a very active 57 yr old who teaches exercise classes. Some of these classes are very intense, they are the Tabata training which are 30 min or less whole body weight exercises with high intensity interval type training. Cartigel has saved my bacon.”

Steven J Auferoth

“A lengthy recovery from surgery to repair a torn meniscus aggravated arthritis in both knees that I didn’t know I had. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic, and glucosamine. I even had a series of joint fluid therapy injections in each knee. Nothing was helping. Then, while I was in Boston, someone introduced me to Cartigel. I’ve been taking it now for almost two months, and I definitely see a marked improvement in my knees. Stiffness is less, going up and down stairs is not so painful. Thank you, Cartigel!”

Sandra S.Danbury, CT

“I have arthritis in my knees and was barely able to walk. The pain and stiffness was so bad that I started taking glucosamine tablets everyday but they didn’t seem to be working very well. I saw an ad on the internet for Cartigel and thought what could it hurt so I ordered a 30 day supply and it really helped. I notice a big difference if I skip a few days not taking the Cartigel. I really think it works a lot better than the glucosamine tablets. I am able to walk up and down steps normally with the taking of Cartigel where as before I had quite a problem because of the stiff sore painful joints in my knees. I feel almost normal again.”

Sharon S.Plymouth, WI
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